Branding and Design

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TTS Charity Group marketing

Established in 1986 the TTS Charity Group was a charity group for the young, unemployed and disadvantaged. TTS provided training and support for vulnerable people returning to work and improving their life skills and chances.

In 2008 we were approached by TTS to act as their freelance marketing department – instead of employing a full-time Marketing Manager and assistants. This arrangement benefited them economically and allowed them access to high quality marketing support normally beyond their budget.

Our brief was – to raise the charity’s profile and image, so that it could be taken seriously in the open market, be seen as ‘the leader’ in their sector, and raise awareness of their work through the use of PR and Third Sector exhibitions and conferences. And secondly, to brand and market commercially driven social enterprises, reducing reliance on Government funding.

We fulfilled this role for 5 years now and helped the Charity expand five-fold. Our work for them included Hugg Frozen Yoghurt, Headstart Hair Academy, The Keystone Centre, The Prince’s Trust, The Startup Business Course, Apprenticeships, Community Task Force and Work Clubs.