Web Design

Most web ‘designers’ lack the marketing skills to form a website that has targets and achieves them. It’s a selling tool that has to look good, but also work hard. This is where we have the edge.

We make your site attract visitors like bees to honey, convert them to customers, and keep them coming back.

Our 5 step policy for websites.

1. Ensure the website copy is effective – well written and concise.

2. Make it look good, and work well. So that people enjoy navigating flawlessly around it.

3. Use SEO techniques to boost its ranking, and apply Pay-per-click campaigns and e-marketing to hoover in visitors.

4. Update the site often to keep it fresh and appealing to customers and search engines.

5. Go back to step 1 and start again.

Web Design:   SEO – Search Engine Optimisation:
PPC Pay-Per-Click Advertising:   E-Marketing 

We also create animations, videos and visual effects to ensure maximum engagement with the product or brand and to help build loyalty.